“You can make plans but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Proverbs 19:21”

So today I have been sitting at work thinking about the next four semesters as I want to graduate in the Spring time so a teaching job will be easier to transition to. I am sitting there writing all the classes I am taking for the next four semesters and 2 summers. GH comes to me and says “why are you worrying about this? You have time.” I replied that I simply needed to have my classes planned out so that I could control my graduation date and my education. He laughed and walked off and it got me to think a bit harder about what I was doing. I had basically decided that I wasn’t going to allow God’s plan for me to happen because MY plan had to. It took a bit for me to really understand that I could plan all I wanted and that it might work but God’s plan for my life and education was going to trump all of my plans. I now have a better thought to the plans that I have for my life. It’s not the planning that is seen as wrong but the lack of understanding that God has wayyyy more in store for me than I could ever think of. I can’t wait for my next two years of schooling to be finished but I have to also realize that God wants to be living for Him here and now not focusing on living for Him in┬áthe future. The only I can do is plan but remember God is in control of all things and that my plans, however awesome and perfect I think they might be, won’t live up to the plans that He has for me.